Human Resource Consulting

Our HR consulting portfolio has 3 segments
People Strategy, Talent Management & Engagement

Although automation may be utilized for some tasks, the human element is integral to business success. Source and sustaining top-level talent is an acknowledged global challenge, regardless of whether we assist you in this process. The optimal use of human capital requires companies to maintain employee morale and inspire their commitment and enthusiasm. These high-performing and high-potential PEOPLE can take care of profits and the planet.

With our Talent Management Consultants, we can assist in developing a People Strategy that is accountable, setting Human Resource KPIs and Key Results, fostering retention and cultivating an environment of high involvement.
Our team has managed large change management projects successfully during integrations, mergers, and acquisitions–leading to minimal disruption. We begin all interventions with Talent or HR diagnostics. We create a tailored solution according to the needs and disclose the outcomes beforehand. Team NicheHR would be delighted to collaborate with you to optimize your human capital.

Learning Management, Leadership & National’s Development

In today’s competitive work atmosphere, it is essential to have collaborators who can carry out their job duties competently and reach their peak productivity.  Our intent is to provide practical, hands-on, easy to absorb, action-oriented skill building sessions for your colleagues to succeed. Applying the newly gained skills, the colleague can contribute to the company’s success – whether it be bettering the customer experience, cutting costs, or escalating revenue and profits through sales coaching conversations.

We back the local government’s plan to foster national talent so they can partake in the nation’s growth and success in the future. We specialize in constructing and delivering tailored programs which incorporate young talent in the working environment. Through decades of knowledge, we have put together succession planning for managerial and higher-level nationals, and we accompany them in their journey to becoming inspirational leaders for the future.

Outsourcing HR Practices

Identifying and retaining top talent in a competitive labor market is an important part of your business’ success. It can be challenging, expensive, and arduous, so a comprehensive strategy with appropriate resources is essential to attract and engage potential applicants. Here is where recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can come to the rescue.
NicheHR offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as a way to reinforce our Clients’ Employment needs by taking over some or all elements of the Talent Acquisition process.
As an illustration, the agreement can cover everything from locating and examining potential employees (Sourcing RPO or Screening RPO) to understanding the employer’s needs to presenting and negotiating job offers. The NicheHR team can deliver these services remotely or on-site and works closely with an organization’s internal talent acquisition team.


An RPO Can

Steps to Achieving RPO Success

Knowing exactly what your organization is striving to accomplish is key for effectively engaging an RPO provider for services. You can decide on an RPO provider that fits your needs. As you progress through your RPO journey, it is essential to remember these engagements are not just about outsourcing your recruiting activities, but also about finding the best partner to manage the people, process, technology and strategy of your talent acquisition function. There is no single best option, only the option that best aligns with your organizational needs. To determine if RPO is right for your organization, take an audit of what your organization’s specific recruitment and sourcing challenges are and if you have the internal capabilities to overcome your challenges.


An RPO Can