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How do we come into the picture?

NicheHR partners with you in identifying the right talent to fill in the key roles needed to enable your business growth, irrespective of the location, sector or the nature of the business.


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How do we come into the picture?

We take over the responsibilities and risks of your HR function; fully or partially, enabling you to focus on only your core business activities.

Key Service Offerings:

Human Resource Consulting Services

How do we come into the picture?

We help you align People Practices (complete employee life cycle) to business outcomes. Our range of services enables your business to create and implement appropriate HR frameworks in line with the overall business model and ethos of your Company.

Clients and candidates of NicheHR experience a modern, custom-made method of recruitment that maximizes the experience throughout. Our accomplished Talent Scouts have a great deal of knowledge and experience and are adept at providing a customized service for your special requirements. Our SmArt recruitment approach and Global coverage provides assurance that we source the right talent for your organization. To begin, we develop a close partnership with you to gain insight into your recruitment and Human Capital needs, enterprise philosophy, and values. We employ a multitude of recruitment and HR techniques to find the most suitable candidates for your company.

SmArt Recruitment is a Comprehensive Methodology that Merges Science and Art. NicheHR’s recruiters are utilizing a SmArt approach, which merges technology and AI to create solutions for our clients and also utilizes creative thinking to compensate for any shortfall that technology and AI may have.

We at NicheHR have moved away from Transactional approach to a Consultative one, both for Clients and Candidates, and this is where we fully embrace our role as a Differentiation Partner.